It keeps getting better.

The shitshow continues.  

So today I was a bit sneaky with trying to find an apartment. There was this place I found at the end of July and the guy said he would contact me but he never did and now I contacted him. He told me that he already agreed with one girl, the rent is really low for such a nice place and I decided to offer to pay more for rent if he gave me the place since he didn’t sign the contract yet.  

I know it was wrong but I am desperate. So he invited me to come and see the place so we can talk. I had to use my work break to go there and see the place and make an offer and he said he would be in touch. It turns out I stumbled upon the only landlord who doesn’t care about the money because he didn’t take me up on my offer. He wanted to keep his word to the other girl and I respect that. He’s got morals.  

You know who else got lots of morals? The other people I called. I got off work and saw a new ad for a place that seemed nice but there were no pics of the place. The description appealed to me because they were searching for one person who works and that’s pretty much me. I called and the lady answered and the 45 minute long shitshow began.  

First she asked me what I did for a living and where I went to school. Okay, I understand that, you want to make sure that I have a stable income and can afford the rent. The second question was if I was in a relationship. At first, I didn’t feel comfortable answering and asked how it’s relevant to the lease. And then it started. 

For 45 minutes that woman explained to me that she and her hubby are very conservative and that they would be fine with me bringing my female friends, maybe MAYBE even male friends but that they are simply not okay with my boyfriend visiting me because they are conservative and it’s a sin.  

They also wanted to come to the apartment once a month to collect the rent in cash and see if I was maintaining the place. I already knew that there was no way in hell I would take that apartment and decided to play a bit. Since they said they would take the money in cash, it meant that the contract wouldn’t be done legally and they were trying to avoid paying taxes. So I was just walking around the store, doing my grocery shopping, explaining to the woman that it is immoral to disrespect your duty as a Croatian citizen and steal from the government by not paying your taxes. People in the store were looking at me like I was crazy. 

The person that was crazy was that lady because she thought I was being serious and started apologizing and explaining that they would sign the contract and pay the tax AS LONG AS they can increase my rent for 10% which makes no fucking sense because if the rent is higher, the fucking tax will go up.  

She continued on explaining how it is immoral for them to allow an unmarried couple to meet in their apartment, that it’s against their beliefs and that they honestly do not even want to rent to a married couple. Who do you want to rent to then? A nun? 

I have no problem with people having their opinions and beliefs, but just because you are renting an apartment doesn’t mean you can dictate how somebody lives and interfere with their personal life. Renting is a transaction – you give me a place and I give you the money. End of story.  

I finally managed to finish that conversation where I was basically told that I am an immoral whore for 45 fucking minutes.  

I got me some gelato to feel better. 

So I am still apartment-less and only have 4 days to find a place, sign a contract and move all of my shit there.  

I have two apartments that I am going to look at tomorrow.  Stay tuned for more updates on this damn circus. 

Being born not-rich sucks. 

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  1. OMG Luna, that is a shitshow indeed. I really dislike people who try to press their ideals and beliefs on others. Let us agree to disagree. Just because I am renting from you means it gives you the right to dictate my life choices and interactions. SMH. I hope you found an apartment with a decent, respectful landlord or lady.

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