Poem #322

Isn’t it wonderful?
This little fairytale land I constructed
in my head to protect myself from reality.
Are all writers just plagued by wanderlust
to the point where they created universes
when they didn’t have any other place to run?

I just disconnect from the now
and I can walk a path I built.
It goes as far as I want,
there are hands ready to hold me up,
the twists in the story aren’t scary
because I know it will have a happy end.
Pain is just cathartic, it doesn’t last forever.

Isn’t it wonderful?
Or is it just a little bit sad to have a life
outside of my own that doesn’t exist?

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Poem #321

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6 thoughts on “Poem #322

  1. In imagination, we can do anything and be whoever we want.

  2. Imagination is a wonderful thing and we should visit there as often as we like!

  3. Beautiful poem. I think our imagination is a special place where we can explore the world in a safe and unique way. Without imagination much of what is our current reality would not exist. Our imagination is the first to create reality, even in that world forever remains a figment of our dreams and exists only on the pages of books.

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