It’s been a long time

It has been 5 months since I last published a video so I decided to do it now. I am on my time out of the office so I spent my Monday filming, editing, ranting about my moving experience and all of the crazy stuff that happened while I was searching for a new apartment. So if you feel like listening to me talk for half an hour, feel free to check out my latest video:

I did talk about these situations on my blog, but I added closure to a certain story in this video and trust me, it’s worth the listen.  

Also, I should be flying to Cyprus this Wednesday for my holiday, so I will not be very active here, but I will be on my Instagram @luna.theblog, so make sure you follow me to keep up with all of the pics and videos from my vacation! 



1 thought on “It’s been a long time

  1. I’ve been nothing but respectful and supportive. I wish I could’ve felt the same in return but then other people always have different agendas than me. Be well!

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