Poem #327

I left but you never left me.
You were in every sunrise,
every time I saw the bridge,
you were standing there, waiting for me.
I couldn’t kiss a girl with blue eyes
because I felt like you were looking at me.

No matter how far I ran,
I found my way back to you
You want to set fire to that bridge
and I deserve it
but I am not letting go this time.

I can still make you melt in my arms,
even though I never made you mine.
We walked a fine line between safety and desire
until I had to do what I thought was right for you.

I will take a bullet for you,
I will walk to the gates of hell with you.
I will swallow the darkness so you can find light
I will do whatever it takes,
just please let me back inside.

The poem is inspired by a character from a book I have been working on called “Little Rebellion” and I hope I will be able to share it with all of you one dayFor now, you can still enjoy my published poetry book Rehab

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