The Positivity Press- Don’t give up!

Guys, Guys, Guys!

I am kind of sad that The Positivity Press didn’t have much success. There’s a bunch of you here, like more than 2700 followers and not many of you send something in for the Positivity Press.

I know that poetry is my thing and that is the reason why The Poetry Bar was and still is a really big success for me and I do like to like stay in my lane but this Positivity Press idea is one that I really, really love and thought it would be amazing for all of us to write positive posts. It would impact all of us so much!

And I am going to be me, the annoying me, who will force this idea one more time on you. The link to the whole tale of The Poetry Bar is right here:

I really hope I will receive some e-mails from you and that we will bring this little project to life.

Sending love and positive vibes,

Positivity Press – GUEST POST WANTED!

Hello world!

This is probably going to be a very long post, so buckle up! So I want to start this by saying how grateful I am for your support and the love you’ve given me since I took my blog seriously and started to publish every day. When I reached 1000 subscribers I created The Poetry Bar as a way to give back to the community that has given me so much and I promised myself that I am going to make a new project like that every time I reach a new milestone in followers. I’ve reached it a while ago. I have 2575 of you beautiful souls following me and A MASSIVE THANKS FOR THAT but I haven’t made a new project because I didn’t have an idea what to do. I DO NOW!

In my post I’m drained I’ve shared with you that lately I have been struggling with some really bad feelings and that I’ve hit a rough patch in my life that has affected my blog as well. I have neglected my blog, my followers and The Poetry Bar. You have shown me massive support on that post and I felt such a wave of emotions hitting me as I was reading your comments that I was left speechless and trust me that’s a hard thing to do because I always have something to say.

I am still drained, I am still struggling and trying to get back on my feet. In this journey I realized one thing. While I was sinking in my pool of negative emotions I was also surrounded by negative news, comments, emotions and posts. The media, social networks etc. everything was flooded with negativity and it was impacting me as well as the negative emotions I was feeling about myself and my life in general and then it hit me – let’s create a POSITIVITY PRESS! Something like a newspaper of positivity but online.

This is my new project for the new milestone. This is how I envisioned it. You can send in positive news and things you see on the daily basis to help spread positivity in the world. We always hear people raising awareness about different subjects but we rarely see someone raising awareness about the positivity surrounding us. Write down a few words about something positive that you’ve seen or heard. You can also put in the link to your blog if you have one or just put down your name. When I say positivity this is what I mean:

– if you volunteer and you are excited about it send in a few words about it and a picture if you want of you doing good work

– if you got a promotion you worked hard for, passed a difficult test

– if your kids did something adorable today

– if you know about a charity that does great work

– if you are photographer and took a photo that can brighten someone’s day send it in

– if you spend your weekend in a great way and want to share it send it in

– if you found an amazing song that makes you want to shake what your momma gave you send it in and we’ll shake together

– if the weather is amazing send in a picture of you enjoying it

– if you did something you were scared of doing for the first time, like hitting the gym, send in a picture and describe how great you feel

– if you got a new haircut, share it with us and send a picture of yourself smiling

– if you were ill and now got better, tell us about the happiness you’re experiencing as your health came back

Quite literally send in anything that makes you happy because it will make someone else happy as well. Positivity is something we need in a world that can get really dark and negative. Positivity also has a great impact on our mental health so why not create a corner where you can come and only read positive news.

Tell me in the comments what you think about this new project I want to launch. In hopes it will succeed I already created the email address to which you can send in your positivity news and share your positive vibes! The email address is:


Starve that bastard

Every single person in this world has an ego. It’s a part of all of us. I perceive it as an animal. When you have a small ego it means you have a small animal which doesn’t have to be fed a lot. In this state you have a lot of space inside your life to do what you love, have understanding and respect for other people and you are capable of being happy for other people. This is a beautiful state to be in. Having this small animal to feed isn’t time consuming and exhausting. It’s like a small puppy.

When your ego is big it means you have a big animal and that is a problem. People who find themselves in this state have a very large animal they have to feed. Their life revolves around keeping their animal fed and giving it even more food so that it would be satisfied. This state is time consuming and exhausting, even though people who find themselves living this life constantly lie they are okay and that their life is just perfect. People like this do not respect anyone, including themselves and the person they hate most is themselves. I know that everyone says that people with a big ego love themselves more than anything but when you look at it better that’s not true. A person that loves himself doesn’t allow his ego to grow into a wild beast that manipulates their life.

These types of people can’t feel true happiness for their friends, loved ones or other people because being happy for other people would mean that other people have something good in their lives which would consequently make the people with the wild beast ego feel unhappy because potentially they don’t have that something good or that something good will make what they have look small and insignificant. Often these people go to great lengths to humiliate other people, put them down, criticize everyone just to feed their own ego and hide their own insecurities and let me tell you something – this is no way to live. I know it because I used to have a big ego.

I’ve heard the term “Burst that bubble and put your feet on the ground”. First of all, a big ego is not a bubble. It’s a high security prison guarded by that wild beast we need to feed so that it wouldn’t harm us. If it were a bubble then all you would need to burst it would be a needle. In reality, you need a whip to control the animal, you need to starve that bastard and you need a hammer to break down the wall and escape. It’s so hard but the end goal is so beautiful. The end goal is that small puppy you don’t need to feed a lot and who doesn’t like puppies?

There is so much bliss in making your ego small, in learning how to love yourself for who you are and gaining respect for other people. Putting others down won’t make you fly higher but recognizing that we are all equals will make your wings wide enough to hug the whole world.

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Who is your person?

Who is your person?

When the lights die, when you wash off the remains of the day off of your body and when the masks we wear come down who is the person you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen by? Who is the person in front of which you don’t need a mask because they know who you are and accept you for it? Who is the person you call in the middle of the night just to hear them and calm yourself down? What name or names came into your head?

I wrote a lot of questions just to make that name or those names come into your head. I’ve spent two weeks in my hometown with my family and with my girls and it made me think about the person I was, the people I gained and lost, people who taught me life lessons and the people who I allowed to stab me in the back despite my own better judgment.

My first name is my mother because that woman has an answer to every question and she was my biggest support over the years and after her I have them.


My best friends. The family I picked for myself. I’ve made many mistakes when it comes to choosing friends because I’ve let people take advantage of me, push me around, make a fool out of me and humiliate me. I still fall into traps with people and I still get stabbed in the back by the people I let into my life with open arms but that’s all life. Everything is a lesson as long as we allow it to be.

You need to know who your people are. You need to create a circle of people who support you, understand you and love you and you need to do the same for them. Surrounding yourself with people who are good for you isn’t selfish, it’s NECESSARY. If you stay stuck with people who are bad for you just because you are afraid to be alone or change something then that’s on you and everything that happens is your responsibility.

You will get knocked down by people but as long as you know how to learn from it you will be able to stand back up. It isn’t about having many friends, being known by everyone and having all the attention – it’s about the people who you call in the middle of the night crying, the people you call when something great happens, the people who make your day just by being in it, the people who aggressively believe in you, the people who won’t be afraid to stand up to you when they see you’re doing a mistake and so on…

You need to love yourself enough to surround yourself with such people and you need to know that you are worth having people like that. No matter what you did in life and how many times you made mistakes you don’t deserve to be humiliated, pushed around, used and miserable.

Even if you are alone now, you don’t need to be afraid. Strength is built in loneliness and it’s better to be alone than in bad company. Everything you need will come to you as long as you love yourself enough to accept it.

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You’re an individual

You’re an individual

A lot of things have happened lately in my life. I’ve moved into a new apartment, had a lot of problems and somewhere in the middle of all of that I forgot the things that made me who I am. I forgot my priorities. I just drifted away from everything I’ve been fighting for and now I’m trying to get back on track and in touch with myself. The worse things that are tormenting me right now are doubts and I came to one simple conclusion.

Sometimes solitude is the best thing you can give to yourself. Just some time to remember how it feels like to be alone with your head and your thoughts. The thought of having to spend time with myself and thinking about the things I’ve done and things that have been done to me is terrifying but I just need to step out of my comfort zone and so should you.

If you need some time alone don’t be afraid to shut the door to the whole world. The people who understand you for who you are will give you time to get back on point. The people who understand will still be ringing at that door and if you don’t want some of them around it’s okay not to open to those people. Don’t be afraid to do what’s best for you, don’t be afraid to be selfish sometimes.

If someone doesn’t understand your life path and doesn’t push you everyday to be a better person then he’s not your friend. He’s an acquaintance and you shouldn’t waste your time taking care of someone who doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.

Don’t make friendship and go into relationships just because you’re afraid to lose someone. You are and individual and you need to learn how to live like one because then, and only then, will you find the people you need and you will be happy. The road to happiness is scary but good things will never be easy so don’t take even the smallest moment of happiness for granted because it might never come back.

If you don’t learn how to be an individual you will constantly fall under the influence of others and you will never be satisfied with yourself. How do you expect to accomplish anything if you nod you head to other people’s opinions and demands without stating your mind just because you are afraid of a confrontation? Set your priorities straight and fight for them.

Make a list of your priorities and hang it somewhere on the wall to remind yourself of who you are, what you need and who you strive to become. For every day that you do something that gets you closer to who you are, put a plus next to your priority. For every day you fall off track also put a plus because you’ve learned something. Don’t be discouraged with your mistakes and please don’t keep on repeating them.

Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t let anyone hold you down and now for the big finale: LOVE YOURSELF. If you feel something is wrong don’t just stop and wait, do something to change your state of mind. Value your own life, virtues, flaws, scars and the strength you have to change everything.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t get scared. Learn how to be alone. Build yourself up as an individual so you could be a part of anything without losing who you are. Get your priorities straight. Love who you are and who you want to become. Fight.

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