Coffee Date With Luna: Body Insecurities

Hello everyone and welcome to another Coffee Date with Luna! 

I am keeping the theme consistent with the last one and the theme is insecurities. In the last Coffee Date with Luna I decided to open up a bit about my skin and hair insecurities because insecurities are something many of us struggle with.  

One of the top insecurities people face with is linked to their body weight and body shape. We are terrorized by unrealistic beauty standards and it is in the human nature (unfortunately) to compare ourselves to those images, especially in the social media era.   

I am not a doctor, psychologist or any type of expert in the field so I will not be touching the subject of anorexia, mental health issues and obesity since I do not think other than experts should comment on this because people spread a lot of false information and negativity when they talk about things they are not educated on. 

I actually want to talk about my own insecurities about my body, weight, body shape. I struggled with it a lot. I was never overweight and, to be honest, I was underweight as a child because I had some eating issues which followed me up to puberty where I started gaining weight and my body got a certain shape. 

The thing that helped me through these insecurities was – love. It became my answer to everything and in this story it has two sides. 

With extra pounds, my insecurities started to pile on while I was in high school. I would often feel bad about not being thin, I would go on extreme diets and workout plans and developed a binge eating problem. I started to read a lot of books during high school, some of them were self help books, and without noticing the image I had about myself started to change when I got in touch with the concept of self-love. To be honest, I am still getting in touch with this concept every single day of my life. I am still struggling but I came to a point where I would never deprive my body of food or put myself on extreme workout plans I was too weak or unskilled to follow. Working out is great but going to an extreme can cause serious injuries, I should now.  

Self-love isn’t something you wake up with or can keep without making an effort. Self-love is about creating a relationship with yourself and we all know that relationships can be hard. You will have to work on it every single day. Self-love, bodywise, means choosing a healthy lifestyle instead of an extreme diet. It means loving yourself enough to feed your body with good food while not depriving it of some sweet cravings every now and then. You can work out to get abs while loving the chubby stomach you have now. This is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight.  

When you try to change your body while being fueled with hate or insecurities regarding your appearance, it will backfire on your mental health.  

As I got older, I actually became conscious of my body image issues when I started getting into my first serious relationships. My body insecurities messed with my mind and it affected my relationships because I was not comfortable with the idea of someone’s hands on me. That insecurity was not only toxic to me, but to the person I was with as well. During that time, I had accepted my body shape and implemented self-love into my life but I was just starting to realize that it wasn’t the reflection in the mirror I only had a problem with. My insecure mind created this image of how a person, in this case a boyfriend, will see me and my body and it scared me because that image was not very nice in my head.  

This is where the other side of love came to my rescue. A person I wrote many poems about, realized I would become very distant and would “wiggle” out of his hands very fast even when he wanted to only hug me. He actually realized my insecurities, and I will get really real with you now, when he noticed I would get anxious when my bra would be off. I was also insecure about being as flat as a board while everything else about me was chubby and round. I did not enjoy him putting his hand around me because I didn’t want him to feel I don’t have a flat stomach. He would sometimes lift me up while hugging me and I hated it because I thought I was too heavy for him to hold in the air. He felt those insecurities. 

He actually taught me that love will not see that what I see in the mirror. It took some time but he showed to me that love doesn’t judge and doesn’t walk around ready to measure me. Being with the wrong person, a person who judges you and tries to aggressively change you, will only feed into your insecurities. This is a good way of knowing is your relationship toxic or not. I think it is good, actually necessary, for the person who loves you to warn you about unhealthy habits etc., but actually criticizing someone and making them feel bad about themselves is toxic.  

To quote him: To my eyes you are perfect because I see more than your looks. I love every inch of you and that includes more than just skin and a body.  

At the end of the day, love is the answer to everything including our insecurities. You need to learn to love yourself and let others love you as well. Don’t tell yourself that no one will love you the way you are because there’s someone better. To the right person you are the best and you have to be the best for yourself.  

It’s all about love. 

Sending love and positive vibes,


16 thoughts on “Coffee Date With Luna: Body Insecurities

  1. Luna’s love thoughts. Just right. ☕

  2. justcalmwildness April 25, 2020 — 12:59 pm

    Wow you are really lucky to have someone like that!!

  3. …and, btw, “You are stunningly beautiful.” I understand “body insecurities” myself, even though I am a male. I’ve not used to the notion of “living” inside this meat suit of mine.

  4. Beauty is in eye of the beholder, one person’s attraction is another person’s unattraction.

    Luckily we live in a more global community these days so there is always someone out there who will equally love you so you don’t even have to settle for just anyone like many had to do in the past due to selection being so limited.

    It’s funny because the internet plus social media is used for so many other things meanwhile mainly being used for one.

    Connecting lovers since that is what humanity naturally desires above everything else, even back in the day when I played world of warcraft people began mingling and lovers connecting.

    Which is only the case because life does not truly move for people until after they fall in love and begin flying through it together otherwise it’s just rowing in circles with one paddle.

    Hence why Artificial Intelligence is becoming popular because Siri takes over paddling until a human can and in the case of those who lost lovers due to old age or sickness?

    Siri takes over again to keep them in love mode.

    I mean she will one day, I keep forgetting allot of the future I know is in my head and not so much reality yet. 🤣

  5. That was beautiful. I’ve made peace with the fact I’m not perfect a long time ago – although the belly has gone! – and as others love me for me I grew to love me for me too!
    Stay safe 😊

  6. Very honest, very human, very beautiful. Thanks.

  7. so sweet! remember to love yourself as you would a best friend. <3 best wishes

  8. This was really encouraging. Thank you for sharing

  9. It seems you have found the answer and the solution to your problems, many people who read your blog will benefit from it.

  10. Just be the you that you can love and everything else will fall in place 🙂 thank you for this Luna

  11. This is wonderful. Indeed when we can get rid of the insecurities we have with the definition of ourselves can we happier.

  12. The true beauty lives inside, not outside.
    Hidden from the Crowd who pays no attention
    Unveiled for the ones who strive for the real Involvement
    With no fear, nor brute force
    Just for those who know the Password,
    The unbreakable Sigil
    Unbeknownst to the fools, to the Crowd.
    Spared for those who value the Value,
    The intricate, endless chain of giving-and-accepting
    Not by the things accepted or given
    Just by the process of doing it
    Just by staying with the ones you like so far.

  13. I like the typewriter behind you.

  14. And the post is amazing.

  15. love this!! I have a blog too

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