Zadar’s flower

Zadar looks so beautiful! There’s an exhibition currently taking place there and it’s called “Zadar’s flower”. I went for a walk with my friend yesterday to check it out and I was just left impressed with how much work did everyone put into this exhibition and how beautiful it all looks.

The exhibition was set on the Zadar’s seafront so the smell of flowers intertwined divinely with the smell of the sea salt. After the walk my friend and I grabbed a cup of coffee, chatted for a bit and then went home. Here’s some pictures for you now.

20160422_133141 cats 20160422_132943 20160422_133010 20160422_133014 20160422_133030 20160422_133051 20160422_133131

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1 thought on “Zadar’s flower

  1. Wow! Very beautiful place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

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