Stressful Valentine

This was definitely one of the most stressful Valentine day ever. I don’t have a boyfriend or anything but it’s not because of it. Throughout my 21 years of existence I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being bitter and judgmental during Valentines and, to be honest, was often drunk with my friends on Valentines but yesterday I just wanted to punch someone.

I’ve told you before I have a few more exams to do and two of them were yesterday on Valentines. One was an oral exam at 11 and the other one was Spanish translation at 6 pm. When I got to my morning exams the professor’s assistan arrived saying that the exam was canceled due to a meeting of the professors. I slept for 5 hours because you know me, I study last minute, woke up, came to the university just to find out that there will be no exam. Didn’t anyone introduce those people to the magic of e-mail and the online page of the university where they could have stated that the exam will not be held. My Goooooooooooooooooooooooood!

I tried to stay positive, grabbed a cup of coffee with the other people who came to the exam and then headed home where I wanted to work on my Spanish for a bit but I couldn’t because I couldn’t keep my damn eyes open. I was so stressed out and tired that I just wanted to sleep. But it doesn’t matter, I got dressed up and stressed up, went to my exam and finished that awful day with a glass of wine with my friend Karla. Because there’s nothing that a glass of wine can’t fix.  Wine is everything. Wine is bae. Wine was my Valentine. #alcoholic.

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