My final is tomorrow

My final Spanish exam is tomorrow and I started to study way to late and now I’m kind of panicking. I have today to catch up on a lot of stuff and I am just so, so scared. I already have my bachelors in Italian and now I need to get this one but I’m going crazy.

I hope everything will go well and I’m only comforting myself with the fact that I can take the exam again next Friday but that is the last time this year I can take it. If I fail tomorrow and the next week then I am pretty much, pardon my French, screwed.

If anyone has some tips on how to study faster or some advice send it to me, comment it, DM me, do anything just heeeelp!

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1 thought on “My final is tomorrow

  1. I am probably too late (one month late) to give you any exam advice. However, for future, I always excelled in exams simply following a rule of summarising the whole textbook via tiny points elaborated on a single page. Every word will represent sometimes whole chapters or at least a few talking points. Right before leaving for the exam, I’d simply carry that piece of paper with me, not the book. Hope it helps 🙂

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