Poem #39

I told you that every time you came in and went out
of my life that you were taking a part of me. I guess
you were trying to build your own personal puzzle of me.
You stole piece by piece and now you stole the entire me.
You’ve assembled me in your bed, did your little puzzle
and placed me in a frame, covered me with glass.
You like to display me for the people to see what a man
you are for owning every single part of me.

And I just sit there as months go by. You can’t see
my face clearly because you forgot to dust me off.
You were too busy entertaining those passing by
sets of lips to remember the puzzle you did piece by piece.

You only come back to me when you realize none of them
stayed except for me. You only come back to your
puzzle on the wall when you realize I was the only
one who knew you whole and loved you despite your flaws.

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3 thoughts on “Poem #39

  1. Oh my, this is really an amazing poem, darling. I am moved by this, the flow of emotion is overwhelming. Thank you for letting me take a peek at your heart’s stasis. Good job!

    Hey, I am Ragazza, please don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would love to connect with you. Cheers.

      1. You’re welcome, Luna. I love your name too.

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