Positivity Press #2

I decided to do a post for the Positivity Press as well! Today I did a stupid thing. Usually in the bar where I work we have two days off during the week but last month I was kind of low on cash so I asked my boss to give me an extra day to earn some more money and I had only one day off.

Yesterday I was free and I thought that the “one day off” rule still applied to me. Guess what – It didn’t! I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and came to work only to hear from my colleague that I was not on the schedule for today. That’s right. I came to work on my day off.

We all had a good laugh, the boss came and sent me home and it was all wrapped in just plain laughter. I thought I would be pissed off because I got up early on my day off but actually I feel great and am very grateful for doing such a stupid thing because now I have the whole day ahead of me to enjoy it to the fullest, get a lot done. Currently I am enjoying a very large cup of coffee on my terrace and just breathing in some fresh air. I hope you all are doing great today. So this is my positivity today – I got a good laugh and made everyone in the bar laugh today with my mistake. I am absolutely sure they won’t let me forget I came to work on my day off!
Sending love and positive vibes (and the great smell of my coffee),


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5 thoughts on “Positivity Press #2

  1. This particular event would be dotted in history XD
    I can practically smell the aroma of coffee from here <3

  2. Your early day goof reminds me of a morning mistake. I’d misread the work schedule and, although awake, was relaxing at home when I received a phone call. My co-worker wondered where I was and said that I was supposed to open with him. When I arrived, he’d made a Dunce Hat that I had to display in my booth. The homemade hat became a regular fixture. Any time one of us screwed up, we dealt with the hat for the day and signed our name on it. Over the years, that hat inspired lots of laughs and Drew lots of signatures. Positive energy from negative occurrences. Great stuff.

  3. I have also experience such actions well. I woke up thinking that I was late for work. Got fully dressed walked out to the door, only to see that it was 8 pm instead.

  4. I love your hoodie

    1. Thank you😊

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