The Positivity Press- Don’t give up!

Guys, Guys, Guys!

I am kind of sad that The Positivity Press didn’t have much success. There’s a bunch of you here, like more than 2700 followers and not many of you send something in for the Positivity Press.

I know that poetry is my thing and that is the reason why The Poetry Bar was and still is a really big success for me and I do like to like stay in my lane but this Positivity Press idea is one that I really, really love and thought it would be amazing for all of us to write positive posts. It would impact all of us so much!

And I am going to be me, the annoying me, who will force this idea one more time on you. The link to the whole tale of The Poetry Bar is right here:

I really hope I will receive some e-mails from you and that we will bring this little project to life.

Sending love and positive vibes,

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