Weekend Trip to Castle Trakoscan

Hello everyone!

I had such a great weekend and if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw the stories and the pictures. Last night I went to dinner with Antonio, we had some pizza, got some drinks and today we went to Castle Trakoscan. It is so beautiful and I completely recommend you visiting it if you ever spend some time in Croatia, Zagorje to be more exact.

The part of Croatia where I live has a lots of castles and Trakoscan is the one of the most popular ones. Trakoscan was built in the late 13th century. The castle had many owners and the most popular ones were the family Draskovic from 1584. It’s a museum now. The nature and the lake around the castle are completely breathtaking and perfect for a weekend trip. We walked a lot around the lake, walked around the castle, saw the exhibition, stopped to drink something because the sun exhausted us. It was just great. It is forbidden to take pics in the museum but I took a few because the first thing I thought to myself was “I need a few pics to show on my blog!”

I know it’s not polite to disobey the rules of a museum but like… Everyone was doing it! Anyways here are some pics.

I hope you all had a great weekend and you can tell me all about it in the comments and also please check out this post #savingme, share it because I just want more people to engage in this project.

Sending love and positive vibes,



9 thoughts on “Weekend Trip to Castle Trakoscan

  1. Very nice pictures. Beautiful post!
    Today we celebrate International day of Yoga. There was many interesting people and now begins the concert with Indian music and dances. 😀

    1. It sound really interesting!

  2. On my bucket list of places to travel.

  3. Beautiful photos

  4. looks lovely, I’m sure you will go home with some wonderful memories:)

  5. Croatia was on my bucket list even before I started following this blog. Beautiful place!

  6. A beautiful building and grounds. Were you allowed to photograph inside?

    1. nop! Inside the museum they have a no photography rule, but I took three pics I’ve placed here just to give a general look on how the castle looks from the inside

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