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Our love was once addictive
Like the petrol smell
Consumed me and subsumed me
It would never work out well
But the swing from red to blue
Was eye wateringly fast
Love was mottled, romance throttled
Thank God it’s in the past.
I am glad we kicked it to the kerb
Did not try to masquerade
For a microwave should not reheat
What needs buried with a spade .

My name is Evie H. I am from Northern Ireland, and I am an unpublished poet. I write poetry to try to process the complicated nature of life. I try to use humour in poetry because I often find if you are not laughing about life, you are crying. I love a broad range of poets but particularly Pam Ayres and John Cooper Clarke.

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Hey Evie, this is the first bit of humour I’ve come across….more please. What’s life without some fun?….boring This guy seems to be into it. Check him out.

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