I Wonder

If we removed anxiety and fear from our individual and collective psyche, what would remain?
Would it be deafening silence? Would it be peace?
Would it be clarity? Would it be joy? Would it be all of the above?
I wonder.
In these troubling times, try to look up and not down. You are still loved.

David Gittlin has written three feature length screenplays, produced two short films, and published three novels. Before quitting his day job, he spent more than thirty years as a marketing director building expertise in advertising, copy writing, corporate communications, collateral sales materials, website content/design and online marketing.


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7 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. No human on this Earth will look down, without first noticing themselves.

    “Who is most hungry?” is a question most humans will ask. And, Nature decides for us, during a survivalist time period, that we choose ourselves.

    It is why I said for previous posts of mine, that “choice” can only ever come for the care of the self, not for the care of those we love. We make choices based on who to leave behind, so that we, who are broken individuals, can survive. We don’t choose to “love ourselves” without abandoning many others.

    Love is that emotion we don’t choose to be felt. It is the most honest of emotions, while fear is the most uncertain, and even relates to uncertainty. We are questioning, always questioning, when we are fearful. We are trusting, and always trusting, when we love.

    The scientist who chooses the question over the answer, is the person who has chosen to be fearful over simply loving.

    Through anxiety or fear, a person mainly takes care of themselves. We find comfort in our darkness, not realizing that many more millions of people are in our same state. We feel the loneliness, from such darkness. Though, we will confuse ourselves more in stating that we are strong in that isolation. We are not, because in such darkness, we are always blind.

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    1. I agree with you that it takes some form of inner discontent to motivate us towards realizing a goal or a dream. It’s like the metaphor of the grain of sand and the clam. The grain of sand irritates the membrane inside the clam shell and creates the pearl.


  2. Taking fear and anxiety off is removing one arm off the scale and then there is no balance anymore, and if they never existed I guess there will be no fun, you can do everything then you will ask what reason is there behind life?

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    1. Well, there is a state of consciousness where the motivation comes from joy, love and peace. It comes less from fear and anxiety. And when moving in this direction, the motivation becomes a quest for more inner love, peace, and joy. And from that state of being, we can more effectively serve others around us and the world.

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