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A little note to my unborn child

Thinking of you my little champ,
You would have been a lighten lamp.
The day I lost you, drove me wild,
My dearest wonderful unborn child..

Those extreme sorrowful days I bleed,
I had nothing, but heartfelt prayers I plead..
For all of them you were just a tissue,
My little one, it wasn’t for them a big issue..

The day I knew, that you are in me,
Felt the inner joy, that no one could see..
But all of a sudden you left me in sorrow,
An empty womb, and a hopeless tomorrow ..

My thoughts, my eyes wander in the skies,
To find my little star shining in disguise ..
All my love for you, deep in my heart,
Always remains for you, no matter what..

My name is Chinchu Kuriakose aka Chinchu Gibu. Though a registered nurse by profession, I would like to see me as a writer by passion. I would like to share one of my poems here, this was written after a traumatic experience of a miscarriage..


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7 replies on “A little note to my unborn child”

Thanks Luna.. and everyone who spare their valuable time to read my little thoughtful poem. It was just an indescribable feeling, which I tried to put in words, it was hard to go through, beyond words, wasn’t even sure if I did it right by sharing it ..

There is no shame in expressing your feelings after such a horrible experience. I can’t imagine what you must’ve gone through and how you’ve gotten through it. Beautiful & painful poem

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