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I wonder where you come from,
You warn me of impending dangers
Lead me towards great opportunities,
The unseen guardian, I call you hunch

I feel your impulses in my gut, they tell me it’s intuition
With urge so strong, to ignore almost impossible
Always by my side, my heart as the compass
Mysterious hunch, I now know where you come from

You come from higher intelligence, call it Infinite Intelligence
You come from within me, call it subconscious mind
From the minds of others, call it conscious thoughts
From the collective subconscious storehouse, Akasha


Instagram: kinge_kev

Calm and gentleness. These qualities define me, built-in my character and for the past few years, I have been learning to be positive. I am a student of the mind. I read a lot on mind, body, and spirit. I write about the same to the extent of my understanding with a keen interest in personal development. My name is Kinge Kevin. I’m a farmer, and a writer.


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