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Pandemic – The Wrath of Nature

The invincible race, human kind, now on a verge of destruction.
Can be sensed, crumbling civilization.
Slight annoyance of mother nature wreaked a havoc.
Gave humanity its greatest shock.

Showed, how fragile humans are
Dismantled the false pride on his power.
Now, humanity can see
how powerful, nature can be.

Disturbed equilibrium, done so much exploitation.
Tampering mother nature, doing so much mutilation.
But when limits will be crossed.
From caring mother to devilish enemy, it will metamorphose.

More disturbance and humanity will collapse.
Will arrive a dreadful apocalypse.
All hell will break loose, vengeance, nature will seek.
Will arrive disasters and pandemics.

As now we can see,
Sub- microscopic molecules, we can’t defeat.
Bowed, whole humanity ,
in front of that entity.

It’s reality, not imagination.
May be one day, last day of humanity can come.
Human kind will be wiped out
from this face of earth.
Feeble humans can’t stand
mighty nature’s wrath.

The warning signs we must understand.
Wake before it’s too late.
Now, united, we must stand.

I am Saarthak Haldar, a student of science, a writer and a poet  . As a writer, I have written science articles and journals, but I  like to write poems. I write poems on human feelings, emotions, the nature and the universe .
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