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Surrounded by people, you live for the crowd,
You’re happy and funny and eager and loud,
They love you and hug you and scream out your name,
Inside you there’s nothing, yet who should you blame?
You’re lucky these people can’t look at your soul,
Its darkness, its taint, its color of coal,
A lonely soul, just grasping for love,
Inside your heart, your darkness you shove.
But even this crowd, these people you crave,
How many of them would visit your grave?
In trueness you’re nothing, you’re only alone,
Your demons – you fight them – you want them be gone,
And nothing still moves you, or drives you to go
Your life has just stopped, there’s no room to grow.
You hold on to hope – a life with some joy,
A vision of greatness, too hard to destroy.
But darkness is scary, and dark is around,
Your vision of hope? It will end up just drowned.
Alone in your darkness, surrounded by crowds,
Yet no one to hear you, as loneliness forms clouds,
And dark drops of rain start drowning your hope,
Alone in a crowd – how can you cope?
You think – maybe end it, and save you some grief,
Give your heart peace, your soul some relief,
But while in this crowd you try to be brave,
How many people will visit your grave?

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6 replies on “Taint”

This feels familiar and comforting. And it has a very nice rhythm.
I feel that life is not about being with people, it’s more important to be with the right people. There are just too many people in this world. We should all continue to look for compatible people. When we have found them, it feels just so right and we can’t be surer anymore.

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