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Rivulets of emotion,
streaming down my chalky skin,
the tendrils of untamed locks
frame the scene my eyes present within.

My heartache at my loss
before I’ve even held,
the momentous truth of unknowing,
the rivulets turn to pools of pearls.

How could my love be
unfairly snatched from my life,
so precious its presence
would have been,

the aching in the pit of my stomach,
I wish it were less awry,
the pain, the absence,
the theft is filled with awful sin.

I cannot bear their potions,
their elixirs,
the horrid nature of this
vacuous moment,

I glance in the mirror,
here I am,
captured in a picture,
broken and distressed.

I crumble at viewing
what I have become,
reduced to almost nothing,
without my love,
a shattered heart,
for it I shall be eternally calling.

Hi, I’m Lauren M. Hancock. I write what I feel, and I feel what I write. My poetry is filled with heart. I mainly draw on personal experience for inspiration, but sometimes even a certain phrase or word is enough to inspire me to write. You can find more of my poetry at


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