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The Poet and The Verse

What if the one who made this verse
is a poet?
What if he’s a man who drinks too merrily?
If not, then why do the planets seem drunk and wobbly,
and the stars always ready to kill each other that easily?
Isn’t he, the one who wrote the winds?
For how can someone simply pen the winds and sprinkle life in them?
What a skillful master he would have been,
to have framed a verse so complex
and yet veil it with such simplicity.
If he is a poet, then this verse is his masterpiece!
For he lives in his verse and is found in every corner of it.
His verse is nothing less than him or he anything more than it.

I’m Aman and i am a budding poet and philosopher. My site can be found at and my instagram account is @iamtherockpoet


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