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the first day I was taken to kindergarten and I cried so much
the day I went with my grandparents and sister on my first boat trip to the island
the day I said goodbye to my grandparents at the airport
the day my mum took me to my new school when I was six
the day I wore colored attire as an eight year old in my new primary school and I was the odd one out
the day my grandma came back from hawaii and bought candies and stuffed toys and I knew all was going to be ok
when I had my first crush and it was a weird and a beautiful feeling combined
all the friends I made throughout my school years, catching the school bus after school
the days we’d go shopping with my grandma and I would sleep on the bus ride back home coz I was so tired
the regular hangouts, my favorite milkshake bar, bun shops and jam rolls eatery we would stop in town for
looking at all the nice toys I wish I had, but we couldn’t afford it so I wouldn’t ask her
the Sunday mornings she would wake us up to get ready for church with no excuses exppected
the early and afternoon Prayers was a must that I grew up with even when I didn’t fully understand why
how she would take good care of me when I got sick and pray for me to get better soon
the village trips I always looked forward to, meeting the cousins, swimming and eating mangoes and I would plead to stay little longer 😢
when times were hard, when there was no food or the bills were due, and GOD always came through somehow when my grandma Prayed
rainy days and I always felt safe and warm at home with a cup of cocoa and watching cartoons
when I read my first Nancy Drew book and I was so hooked & became a bookworm for Life
when music and cramming lyrics to songs from the backstreet boys, britney spears and N’sync was the in thing 😅
“You are my fire the one desire” 🎶
when life was carefree and social media was unheard of
no internet no bebo, hi 5 or facebook in those days, when it was outdoor games with the neighbourhood kids & must do chores
when I received my first letter from a crush at 15 and I just melted with weakness and happiness
when christmas was about christ’s birth, family, food especially my grandma’s secret fruit pie recipe
the New Years church service, me in my colorful attire counting down till 12
and then looking forward to heading back to school in the new year 😊
Those were the priceless childhood upbringing that made me
All the experiences & people that have shaped me one way or the other
Yes I Remember it like it was yesterday 😀

My name is Mere Satakala and I am from the beautiful island of Fiji in the Pacific. I write during my spare time and is a great release therapy for me.This piece is a journey down memory lane of all my priceless childhood memorie. Enjoy!

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