Mother’s Love

Her love is so unconditional
Her love is so typical

I see strength in her painful smiles
Through Psalms 46 she endures trials

Her selflessness is so obvious
With her by my side I am victorious

She taught me life lessons
She taught me how to wear dresses

She also taught me how to wear heels
Together we prepared meals

She never said anything about make-up though
I grew up and went with the flow

I love you woman
You’re my superwoman

Zamadlomo Mkhabela is known for her “diary of a born again black woman”. She is a christian, worshipper, exhorter, MC and passionate about information technology.


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4 thoughts on “Mother’s Love

  1. Lovely poem! I especially liked ‘with her by my side I am victorious’

    1. Thank you so much 😊

    1. I appreciate that so much 🌹

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