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My Fear has Come

An ordinary day,
But didn’t know it’s the right time for me.
To tell you the story,
The whole reality.

I heard your excitement
You anticipate it.
You’re willing to see it,
Even though it hurts.

You locked up yourself a minute,
Enough for me to see it.
You’re in total lost,
And doesn’t know how to feel it.

You came to me the next day,
Asking the same thing to me.
Watching you eagerly,
It hurts so badly.

I’m so sorry my child,
I messed up your day.
I hope it’s not your life,
I’m misleading today.

You act like you don’t care to anybody,
Most people thought you’re so naughty.
But today I see that face of you,
You’re watching him closely eagerly.

I hope I could give you my heart and mind,
Use it as your armor, like what I’ve done!
For I know I have the toughest heart,
It can hold any kind of pain inside.

My mind is wider than the sky,
There’s always a space for peace of mind!
If only I could share it to you my son,
My worries inside would be gone!

About Myself : I am a stay at home wife and a mother of 5. Writing is like a dose of medicine for me, in dealing with life in A daily basis. It is also my way of pulling out necessary and unnecessary thoughts to reboot my brain. I started my blog, few years ago on and off because of the lack of knowledge on how to properly do it. Now I’m back on doing it one more time to share my thoughts and life experiences.

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