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I Stood on The Cliff

I stood on the cliff,
Broken and in fear,
Demons of darkness,
Have driven me here.
Behind these eyes that carry a shine,
Lies a thousand words that can’t be described.
Behind this face that carries a smile,
Lies a dark road that goes on for miles and miles.
It’s like being surrounded by everyone and yet being lonely,
A burden on my shoulders that lies with me only.
It’s like a self hate I can’t explain,
I am walking in the dark, holding so much pain.
And so I live along, I play my part,
While this loneliness breaks my heart.
Again I stood on the cliff,
About to end the fight,
Then I stopped and thought,
I’ll fight them one more night.
I know this fight is big and my shoulders are thin,
But I believe firmly that I will win.

I am Aakanksha Sharma, an aspiring writer and poet. Love to write about life, love, nature.
Instagram id: aakanksha0816
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Well said. The poetry needs to be tightened up to deliver the full impact. This one is worth setting aside for a while and coming back to with your editor’s pen in hand.

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