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Patience Ignites

Groomed with anchors of girth in youth,
Pierced from the centre; a silver in the rough
Native fires brimming in her heart
Like an imago, queuing birth.
My lives are a mystery and everynow, here!

I’m a gem of promise,
Often a want, amidst the midst of sufferings.
A potent of the earth,
wafted of perseverings and,
sprinkling of godly waters delivered untaintedly, to the face of the heart.

I, the one patience,
consume the flags of
anxious and
furious and
troubles and
fieries – smoking the cool across moments born and unborn.
Embracing me; the emergence of holy health at the exit of life.

Patience, preserving my deeds
in the wombs of time and
in waiting, the part well played
my long-short test of life
My life is poured out as many silvers unto the plates of your minds,
Save my name to be lifted on the world’s many hearts, I Patience.

Hi guys! I’m Benyin from Ghana. A student of KNUST, Ghana. I love writing, I like to put my thoughts down through the pencil than through the mouth– started this journey not very long ago but by God’s grace I’ve come up with some good writings. You can check my blog below for the new styles.



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