In a dark room
lingering around,
I dorge in and out.

As a ray of light
passing straight in a galaxy
I feel someone pulling.

Like a child yearning to
pop out,
I run amuck to dash
on a slithery platform.

There was a jolt,
A surprise.
Now, I slither upon the slithery platform-
expressing my master’s cry.

With many kin’s crew,
I bounce with multiple templates,
knowing not what is true
I knock your thinking school.

At times I am puzzling,
Sometimes I am sizzling,
And mostly I am triggering.

My womb is my master’s mind,
Of which I am a foetus.
This is me-
And, Poetry is thine name.

 Hi, this is Vidhya and I am 23 years old. Writing is my passion and I have been writing poems since 2017. Writing is something that makes me feel good. I hope my writings would give a feel good experience to the readers too. Thank you.
Instagram account: vidhya_anbudurai


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