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I was in the arctic.
Those frozen forests of Alaska.
North of Fairbanks,
in the wild Yukon.

It was night,
and the moon shown,
on the white, bright snow.
Everything had a light, blue glow.

It was cold,
minus 60 degrees,
and I prayed to God,
for a sign to go.

I needed a change,
a new life, away
to go. A way to escape,
the life I was in.

I no longer cared.
I no longer tried.
I no longer lived.
It no longer mattered.

Then, something drew my gaze.
I cannot say what.
There was nothing there.
But, I knew it would appear.

And before it came,
I was excited to see.
Ready for whatever was
coming; ready for it to be.

And there it was!
An Arctic Fox appeared
on a small mound before me.
And he watched me, as I watched him.

And I knew in that instant I was free.
Free to go. Free to flow.
Free to die. Free to flee.

It was ok. God was with me.

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My name is Chris Bunton. I write about freedom in one form or another mostly. Spiritual things, poetry, self-help, recovery, and whatever the Spirit leads me to write. I think we can make a better world. But, it starts with helping each other get through each day, and overcome what ails us.


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60 below is deadly cold. Fools die quickly. But if one is properly dressed and knows what they are about, oh, the beauty.

I flew Army helicopters out of Fort Richardson for several years in the 1970s and got know the Fairbanks winter quite well.

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