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We are coming back to that era
When you thought you were better;
It was pure brutality then
All you had to do was learn
Of the mediocrity of the forefronters
And swiftly the “almighty” with gifts banters.
Who could have imagined your savagery;
Making men work in penury
You awakened the consciousness of colour
And immediately became the coloured jailor
It was hard to be free from your prison
Many blood had to flow in that season
Finally! Came the long awaited victory.
The song of victory fills every city
It’s a new day! Its anew era!
It was hard for you to switch over
But you had to play cool with us
We dined together and were equals on the bus
Our houses and rights you made us believe “the same”
Everything was beginning to look sane
Not knowing that underneath all the façade
You carry out daily what I call singular escapade;
Propagating the age long colour bias
I go back in age to summon the word; alas!
You are not all razers
But more of you are Negromancers

About: Opinions matter in life; either one’s opinion or other people’s. That is really what I do; I drop my opinion through every means available to me; words and sounds. I am not all about just my opinion but about every other opinion that you can drop in the comment sections because through these; enlightenment comes.Do consider following, commenting and sharing.



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