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Arcana number sixteen.
Six thunder strikes
from the bells tower,
in the order of things.

Clean morning smell.
The void of extrasystoles
echoes that of your memory
on the other side of the bed.

Eyes stuck like clams.
It’s either nocturnal salines
or me unlearning to see
any major difference.

I lost you in summer.
In my best nightmares
it’s always dead sunny
with a chance of storms.

 My name is Anto Covi and I am a nonbinary visual artist and freelance editor native of Naples, Italy. I have been living in the United Kingdom with their partner since 2010, working together in the videogames industry. In year 2017 I have self-published an anthology of short stories under the title of Quisquilie. You can find one of my most recent poems below, and more at and


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