Liquid Wind

Blankets of every color on the grass
Memories sway from the late 60s to a more futuristic feel
What’s wanted
Empty-eyed to it all
Aware of the parts that will turn
When dreariness comes and the clouds make their way through…
To be seen through windows- the only time when love is felt
The hardest thunder
Free, without ego
Rises with the highest rises
Strong tones
Loving gestures
Beats reminiscent of how the air was

-Kayla Farrar

Well, I’m 29, I’ve enjoyed writing since the younger years of my time here in the world, my night dreams with hints of reality have great impact in the things I write…..


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One thought on “Liquid Wind

  1. I like your poem, it shows a level of thought that’s unusual in wordpress poetry. But don’t forget punctuation. The only punctuation used is the contemporary and informal … Though modern education gives communication skills a back seat to math, punctuation would help people understand what you mean.


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