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I will go van Gogh on this ear

Hello everyone!

I am just having a quiet evening and decided to post a little bit something. A few days everything has been a bit more quiet for me because I have problems with my left ear. I barely hear anything and I almost overslept my alarm today because I can’t hear well.

I don’t know what’s happening with my ear because I am in Zagreb and my doctor is in Zabok and I went here in Zagreb to see a doctor on Sunday. In Croatia you have emergency rooms of course but you also have like doctor offices that are on duty. Major cities such as Zagreb also have dentists which work on the weekend and so on. I don’t know how to explain the Croatian health system well because I don’t own that vocabulary to be honest.

So I went there on Sunday explained that this ear thing was causing issues and it hurt. I also work as an agent in a call center, I can’t be half deaf. The nurse was getting on my nerves with explaining that I shouldn’t have come because this isn’t an emergency. I got a bit irritated and told her that I didn’t come to an emergency room but to a doctors office and I have the right to do so if I have a health issue. I understand that it’s advisable to avoid doctor offices now but I cannot examine my ear on my own and I am stuck in Zagreb until Sunday. So, I won’t be able to go to my personal doctor until Monday.

So she lets me in and the doctors checks out my ear and says that due to the symptoms there’s a really big chance that I have an inflamed ear but she couldn’t see because my ear was also severely clogged which is why I am half deaf. I don’t know if you ever had a clogged ear but you cannot solve this on your own. The doctor has to take like a big syringe and wash out your ear. People tend to sometimes try this on their own but you can mess up your ear, balance center… And then the truth came. It was a very big problem that I came there with a possible inflamed ear because they did not have the equipment to solve it. They didn’t have the syringe to wash out my ear and bring back my gift of hearing and that caused them to be unable to actually see is my ear inflammed. According to them, it was not an emergency for which they have equipment and according to me THAT’S WHY I CAME TO A DOCTOR’S OFFICE NOT AN EMERGENCY ROOM!

I am angry, half deaf, the ear situation is also causing issues with my throat and nose. It’s a mess. And it’s also uncomfortably hot in Croatia. Like I literally work from home and am sweating while sitting and typing. It’s awful.

Don’t you just love when I come and post a little bit and I go on a whole rant? Maybe I should start making videos where I just randomly talk now that I made a YT channel for the vacation vlog. I am really glad I got the courage to do something like that. It was a really big step out of my comfort zone.

To end this rant about my ear on a positive note, I found an amazing singer on YT. I don’t know how I’ve never heard of her before. I just wanted to share her with you. Last time I got this obsessed with someone, it was Lewis Capaldi. Check her out! She made a cover of my favorite song and below I will also link her original song.

This is it for me now guys. Sending love and positive vibes,

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Hi Lina. Had similar ear problems over the years. Happens especially after a flight (but that won’t happen for a long time now) but generally caused by a build up of wax. Once removed by syringing warm water hearing recovered immediately. Hope you get sorted soon…

…and ranting is good btw 😆

I’m so sorry that you’re doing through that and no one can help! I can’t even imagine the pain you must be going through, how unfair. We rely on our hearing a LOT, it’s important. Keep pushing, maybe one day they’ll listen

Awwww Luna, I’m so sorry to read this about your ear! You were right to get help for it, ouch! I have had a punctured ear drum and hearing loss, it’s NOT fun. This lady’s voice is angelic and I love tbis song. Hang in there please and know healing is on tbe way soon when you arrive back home🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤ praying and sending love 💗

Hi Luna, you can get stuff to put in your ear yourself that dissolves wax build-up. My husband has used it, and it was recommended by a doctor instead of syringing when he had pain and hearing loss in one ear, and it worked. He put it in, lay on his side with the ear with the stuff in pointing up for half an hour, then rolled over and all this stuff flowed out… and he could hear the kids fighting again! The brand name in Australia is “earclear” and the active ingredient is carbamide peroxide. Good luck!

You are so nice! <3 I got my hearing back last week when my doctor finally came back from her time off. It felt like someone lifted all of the pressure from my head and luckily there were no infections or anything else.

In UK doctors no longer do ear irrigation. One has to self help with mechanical ear drills or washes. I bought a wash bottle, had no confidence, but it worked OK. First soften with warm olive oil drops. Great to hear there was no infection. Keep well.

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