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I Write

I write,
To reveal the sorrows,
Trapped beneath my skin,
As I yearn to distill,
Turbid thoughts that lie within.

I write,
To pave the path to,
Uncharted corners of my mind,
As I peel away the layers,
Always beguiled by what I find.

I write,
When I want to bawl,
And bellow from atop the roof,
To run from deafening silence,
To meet eyes with the truth.

I write,
Because I don’t know how else,
To oust this gnawing pain
I long to be understood,
But my effort is oft in vain.

I write,
When I can’t enounce,
To give voice to words unsaid,
Words that always lose the battle,
Between the heart and the head

I write,
What I crave to feel,
Exhilaration to be alive,
Electricity coursing my veins,
Fulfillment even if I die.

When I write,
My heart bleeds,
As pen and paper bind,
A beautiful symphony,
The manifestation of my mind.

Hi I am Shruti Iyer, a medical student from India with a penchant for writing.
My blog –

My instagram – shrutii_1005


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