The Poetry Bar

How Far Will It Go

The blissful light rising from east,
And the chirping sounds that wake us up.
Freshness, excitement and charms,
From the new light for the dawn.

The blueish heaven and white cumulus,
Sire of art with everlasting miracles.
The flock of birds hovering above,
The magical mystery life.

The verdure of spring,
Green! Green! Green!
The eye-melting view,
A joy to behold.

The shower from heaven,
Blessings, pitter-patter and petrichor.
The snows from the sky,
The magic man and kids.

The blissful light setting in the west,
And the end of daylight with mystic beauty.
Going deep down into the ocean,
Fading away with majestic scenery.

How far will it go,
I wondered and wondered.
Living on moments and exploring,
Struggling to get ahead and see the light.


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