Love & Trust

My name is Maria Teresa Pratico and I’m a divorced mother of two teenage boys. I’m a woman living with Complex PTSD and am in remission from dissociative episodes related to flashbacks from my past traumas. I have overcome an eating disorder stemming from my extensive background in many forms of dance. I was Broadway bound in my younger years. I have practiced yoga for twenty years now. My blog for WordPress is Emotional Musings and I started it in October 2018. I have three books of poetry available on Amazon called “Emotional Musings”,”My Soul’s Language” and “My Heart’s Song”. I’m an intuitive empath and I use that experience and my inquisitiveness to fuel my writing. I’m always interested in new ideas and information that can better our society and the human condition as a whole. . I’m a shamanic energy healer and practitioner. I strive to spread happiness, love, peace and light to all I may encounter.


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5 thoughts on “Love & Trust

  1. To be someone who strives for love and trust, despite how much you’ve been through, is greatly admirable. There are far too many who wouldn’t even side with such things, because they believe more in loving themselves, or to trust only themselves.

    This shows you have strength, far beyond the average person.

    I dislike a world full of people who will turn themselves inside-out, at the chance to discover more about who they are, though they end up showing the ugliest parts. That is, they end up finding out that their darkness and anger is more addictive, and overshadows all their wants to any cure. For it is only love AND trust that could ever pass such darkness and relieve such anger. If a person has darkness in their hearts, and they are told to love or trust only themselves, they will show the world what is inside them. And, it will be nothing more than ugliness. Although… some people are more deceptive at this, than others.

    I’m glad for you. 🙂

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    1. Wow, I’m so humbled by your comments here. It’s any writers mission to be seen and heard through their words and you clearly understand mine here in this poem. I’ve made it my mission in these past ten years to really come to terms with the trauma i’ve experienced and triumph in spite of it. Radical acceptance, loving myself from the inside out and helping others to do the same. We all have struggles, i believe they serve to teach and God has taught me many lessons. It’s an honor to inspire others, share hope and my deep faith in perseverance in all that life throws me. I’ve recently become a shamanic healer which is a role I was born to embody. Our path is that of the wounded healer and it’s such a beautiful gift to be with others in this way along their own journeys. Your words made my day, thank you so much! Many blessings and so much love to you🙏❤

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