Lying is supposed to be bad, innit?
Then how come lies are so very common?
Everyday filled with lies, every minute.,
From sinners to priest, corrupts to lawman.
We’re supposed to speak truth but examen;
Everyone is speaking nothing but lies.
Like a secret that has now been let on,
now all of them know and all of them hide.
But sometimes to look at the other side,
may actually be a salvation.,
for we all have our own meaningless pride.
And some things are not for conversations.
So how do we not become the bad guy?
We cry. Then sigh. We die and then we lie.

I am Coco. I am an aspiring poet. I try to express myself through my poems. I write a poetry blog “Poems From Heart” where I share my feelings and opinions through poetry. Please be sure to check it out.


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4 thoughts on “Lies

  1. Thank you so much for your insight. I totally agree with you.
    The only truth is that everyone lies. 😅
    Please check out my blog for more of my poems. 🙂
    I really appreciate the support. 💜


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