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The Shooting Star

Travelling through space,
The earth seemed
such a beautiful place.
A ball of azure,
With smudges of green
And wispy, swirling white in between.
It never grew dark there;
Patches of black always interspersed
With millions of flickering light
Just like it had it’s own stars.
Travelling through the dark space,
The newly birthed meteor
Fell in love and
wished to pay a visit to the earth!
A shooting star,
sizzled through the earth’s atmosphere!
Goutam is passionate about poetry and writes whenever and wherever something or someone touches his heart. He lives in Kolkata, India and writes poetry in English, Hindi and Bengali language. He has published two books on English poetry named “Hues of Life” and “Glimpses of life


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11 replies on “The Shooting Star”

What a lovely poem. I never thought to write that a meteor fell in love with the Earth (I usually think of meteorites as weapons attacking Earth); it’s a very interesting idea.

Thank you so much for your comment. The idea came to me one evening when i saw a shooting star, lit up for an instant and then vanish. Probably it occured to me because we link love to craving, heartburns, sacrifice, etc.
Am so happy that you like it. πŸ™‚

Thank you for your comments and for reminding me about the meteor shower. Will need to check out the date and time as to when it would be visible in India.
Am so glad that you liked the poem.

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