A piece of clay

I am just a piece of clay,
Made from dust and to dust I shall return.
Like a flower that blossoms at night,
And withers by day!
Blessed with a life to be taken away.
I am just a drop of breath
Standing between life and death,
Like a light that shines but soon fades.
I am a giant storm of rain,
And its my time to roar like a lion cub.
Its my time to enjoy my short reign.
I am like the sun at dawn, I fear not my dusk,
For to live is to occupy space and time.
It’s my time to live, though death awaits,
To rip the smile off my face
And darken the glow in my eyes.
To suck the warm blood out of my veins,
And make worms meat out of my flesh!
My friends will weep and say,
“From ash to ash and from dust to dust”
For I am just a piece of clay,
Made from dust and to dust I shall return .

Poem by, Bernard Gabriel Okurut.

Author Bio .
A young Ugandan Rastafari poet, singer, songwriter and freelance journalist. Author of ” The Noisy silence ” a poetry anthology published by amazon.com. He is a current student of English language and literature at kyambogo university Kampala Uganda and the founder of Psychic Poetry, a young East African poets movement.


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7 thoughts on “A piece of clay

  1. Beautiful poem…emphasising the transient nature of our existence.
    Loved the lines..”I am just a drop of breath/standing between life and death”..Sublime words, in my opinion.

  2. I recommend the song ‘ Generator Second Floor’ by Freelance Whales for a beautiful take on this theme. We will put this flesh into the ground again.

  3. Thanks a lot for loving and sharing my poem in the poetry bar…

  4. Wow what are great poem im touched and inspired

  5. Amazing poem!😍👍

  6. Truly amazing!

  7. The poem is amazing lots!!
    Thanks Gaby…all the best

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