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Soap, Salt and Sugar

Give us soap, salt and sugar, and be our master.
Just a little soap, salt and sugar,
And let your learnt sons whore our ignorant daughters.
Give us another of your speeches,
In which you promise to build bridges
Where there are no rivers.

Feed us with all the lies our illiterate ears
Wish to hear,
And give us soap, salt and sugar
In exchange for our freedom for the next five years.
Throw us a beer party, pretend to be friendly.
Give our fathers meat to eat,
And they will give you the vote to enslave their sons
While you enrich yours.
They will vote you,
To kill their wives in hospitals without drugs
While your wives fly to Cuba for better medical care.

I say, give us soap salt and sugar,
And rule us until you get tired.
The big government jobs, we do not need.
We shall train our sons to be your son’s shoe shines.
And our daughters to be your baby seaters.

Just a little soap, salt and sugar,
And feel free to make the rules for our ingorant
Sons to obey.
Spare the fatty, juicey jobs for your in-laws,
Our sons and daughters will gaurd your gates,
Carry your briefcases and wash your limousines.
Our grand sons will clean your kennels,
Our mothers will make your delicious meals.
The good food, we do not need,
We are honoured to eat your leftovers.
Just give us soap, salt and sugar,
And we shall salute you while you wine and dine,
With other statesmen who also give their voters
A little soap, salt and sugar on their way to “power”

Poem by, Bernard Gabriel Okurut.

About the author.
Uganda’s fastest evolving poet, singer, songwriter and freelance journalist. Author of ” The Noisy Silence” and “The Curse Of A Poet” both poetry anthologies published by Kindle Direct Publishers on,He is a current student of English language and literature at kyambogo university Kampala ugh Uganda and the founder of Psychic Poetry, a young East African poets movement. More of his poetry is on, and his website,
The poem ” Soap salt and sugar” is a political satire that ridicules the rottenness of the African political system where leaders only attend their voters during election time and bribe them with petty gifts like soap, salt and sugar. After they are voted into power, the voters are forgotten and the leaders only think of feeding themselves and their families. As a poet, I call upon people all over the world to challenge this unjustifiable political system. We all deserve an equal share of the national cake!
Bernard Gabriel Okurut.


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Poignant words we should all heed when its time to vote, for those of us that can. I think it sadly resonates around the world. In Tasmania we still trade our beautiful old growth forests for a few jobs like they will never run out.

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