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We met.
Met eyes, met hearts, met souls.
But we had met before. In another time, another place. Everything was calm, everything was familiar. And for one moment, everything was still and at peace.
This moment exists, it is fleeting and eternal. Unlike the nature of its being, this moment is not linear. It does not follow the rules, bound by nothing.
Like it’s essence, this moment repeats, again and again. New eyes, new hearts. Yet one constant. Without conscious, without fail. In this life and the next. My soul will search for yours.
I’ll see you then, and forever.

My name is Olivia, I am 20 years old and most of my writing is about love unrequited love and loss. I like to base my ideas off of strong or overwhelming feelings that I can’t seem to explain or fully encapsulate without writing. I like to use larger than life and fantastical ideas to bounce ideas off of, this allows me to create my world within my writing.
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Our clinical analytical brain falls for an emotional being with lot of love and attachments which make them not being able to stern and concrete about things so sometimes it may seem things are haywire but at the end the deadly combination of smartness, talent, brains, heart, compassion, empathy and respect along with lots of love and care is a base for strong successful relationship for a long time

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