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I’ve failed in Life

A moment came;
I failed in life.

That made me think again,
From my childhood till now,
I’ve failed in my life.

I began to question my own existence
and thought of ending my life.
With the only thought running through my mind;
I’ve failed in life.

Nobody wanted to see me grow like this;
Right from when I was a child.
The mischiefs I did,
Were the mistakes of my life.
I’ve failed in life.

I should have scored well
to meet the expectation of my parents.
The pages of the book I turned
Were never the pages of my life?
I’ve failed in life.

My relatives wanted to see me become
A Doctor, Scientist, or an Engineer!
but I chose to make people smile;
By not becoming a joker;
But a photographer.
Which was a mistake of my life
I’ve failed in life!

I applied and got a good job
amongst the mob;
rather than joining the family business
and diverting my mind in this rife.
I’ve failed in life.

Fell in love with a lovely girl;
And such was our relationship,
We had vowed for our lifelong support
But she could never become my wife.
I’ve failed in life.

I bundled these failures in my mind
and decided to end my life.
You don’t repeat the same mistake
You will fail in life!

Hey! My name is Ashish Kale and I am from Nagpur, India. I have just started to write blogs and this was my first poem published on my blog site. Please visit my blog for more posts like this. Thank you, Luna, for giving us the opportunity to share our poem through The Poetry Bar!
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9 replies on “I’ve failed in Life”

You only ever fail, if you stop trying. Life isn’t a win or lose game… it’s just a race to be ran and we all do it our own way. ❤️

Hey thank you for sharing my poem. Let me clear the air – the poem is just a thought running moments before a person committing suicide. I just tried to express it through my writing!

Oh~glad this is not a real experience although it fled my mind once like how could he write such a heartfelt piece without it being a real experience~😭

I am 60+ and I guess you are young. But that is life. Life is no failure as statisticians may said- most lives are such; we remember loss & the last result more ; even the end /unhappiness are only 0.1% of our lives and most of our time we are happy but the brain choose to remember the sharp few second pain rather the mild warm joy of longer duration.

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