Tell me tall tales

Salted and worn after going torrid miles
Well-travelled, vexed by violent tantrums
Tinged with the scourge of betrayal
And doused in the seductive fiction of forever
If you shall lie, lie to me honorably
Clothe the falsehood with imitation love
And make me dance under the gaze
Of the impostors who are ‘so happy for us.’
Look at me the right way,
Eyes blessing me with the well-tailored warmth
of an expert sinner,
Strong hands gripping my waist as though
you shall catch me even as you hurl me into the abyss,
Your aura imprisoning me in the comfort of pretense.
Make the artificial taste so good,
Season it with such finesse
That I must have it over and above the truth
Build me a world in which to lose myself
Give me a story I can sell to my future self
So that I don’t seem too foolhardy
When you’ve finally had enough.
Highlight the “at leasts” to show the “good reasons”
Circle them with the fire of reckless passion
Use me but, for my sanity’s sake, do it well.

All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2011 – 2020 Tebogo Ndlovu

A few words about myself: I’m Tebogo from somewhere in Africa. I tend to write about claiming one’s power, intimacy and the darkness within.
Instagram: @poetslegacy


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