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Fighting your sunshine

Is my light too bright for your eyes!
Do my lovely rays blind your sight?
Is my love too heavy for your heart!
I see you trying hard to turn sunlight
Into freezing cold moonlight.
The warm smiles that you once showed,
Are being replaced by cold frowns.
Why are you fighting your sunshine!

Poem by
Bernard Gabriel Okurut.
Instagram: Bernard Gabriel Okurut

Personal Blog:

A poet, singer, songwriter and freelance journalist. Author of “The Noisy Silence” and “The curse of a poet” all poetry anthologies published on amazon. He is a Ugandan student of English language and literature at kyambogo university, Kampala Uganda. An enthusiast of creative writing. Bernard Gabriel Okurut has his works published all over the globe in different magazines and website. You can follow more of his poems by just searching his name.


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