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To Swim in the Puddles of your Eyes

Incessant stalking
The romance
Where dwells
A petulance,
A lacking relation
Between that of pitiful me,
To encapsulated you.

Walk with the waters,
I’ll do.
For once I spoke aloud the vows
Before the altar of white.
You were dressed in dashing ivory
To accompany the sun,
Radiance on decadent cheeks.

I wilt
Before you.
On knees, to plead
For the oncoming forgiveness
In your tear-stained sight.

The climb
To see the sky,
To hold
The final hour in my time,
Has made me small,
And you, so large.

Peter A.W. Wyatt was born in New Jersey, U.S.A. Growing up through his adolescence in seeing his father battling cancer, among the remarriage between his parents, has made Peter value love with a passion. He was drawn to writing romance, and mainly this genre, due to that experience. Love has remained an importance for him, having accumulated over 1,000 love poems on his blog. Peter, at the age of 24, currently has 1 novel published, with 1 poetry collection being released within September of 2020.

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