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To Self

I’m sorry for punching you
I’m sorry for cutting your wrists
Sorry for breaking your finger
I know it hurt the whole night

I apologise for the day
I drowned you in water
And clogging your eardrum
You felt so numb

I’m sorry that I hurt you
All this time
I know you were there
But I missed you

I missed our gossips
I missed our lameass jokes
You’re the only one who understands my invention of new words

Sometimes I wish I could know myself better
Cause I often fail to acknowledge your feelings
But you know me so well, you’re so patient with me
I made a fool of myself by leaving you

You hate giving up
So you haven’t given up on me
Even after all this time
I know you will accept my apology

I know I have broken some promises
And I may go on breaking few more
So this time I won’t promise you that I won’t hurt you again
But I will never stop trying

I want to love you
You derserve my love
And that would just be everything you’ll ever need

But it’s harder now
Ever since that friend joined us
I know you don’t like him
And you want to kick his ass

But I fear that won’t work

But we can overcome everything
As long as we’re together

(Just a 17 years old trying to learn life.


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