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I look up at the night sky
I see the darkness
And I fall in love with it
I can’t feel myself again

Each day I look up at the night sky
The moon and the stars stalking me
Still, I don’t understand
Why I love the darkness

My life
Just turned upside down
The lights ran out
To blind me forever

I see everything same
I don’t know what it is
I don’t know who it is
I don’t know me

Everyone I trusted
Left me alone
To bleed out
For the end

I got lost
Fallen into thoughts
A broken soul screaming for help
Trying to heal

All I want is just a wish
One more light
To See everything
To Restore me.


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2 replies on “Shallow”

This poem is wonderful, two lines in particular stood out to me:

“Still, I don’t understand
Why I love the darkness”

This is one of those questions we ask ourselves, that no matter how much we try we can never seem to answer.

I really enjoyed reading this.


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