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The testicles of a foolish man

The testicles of a foolish man
Are heavier than his brain.
He swings them from the left
To the right,
Making his ego swell like the
Belly of an expectant cow.
His testicles are his pride,
And they darken his sight!
They rob him of virtue
And give him vice in return.

He is the man who rapes his own wife,
And does not hesitate to uncover
The nakedness of another man’s child.
His testicles are thirsty for blood,
They demand him to take another man’s life!

They are too heavy to let his hands be
He snores by day and hunts for
sex at night.
His money is for whores
As if his wife is not enough.
Pictures of naked women are painted
At the back of his mind.
Lies are tattooed underneath his tongue.

When his testicles itch, he grabs the stick
And whops his wife.
He is not afraid to scream at her
In the presence of her children.
He vomits insults at her,
He disgraces her.

He thinks women are made for his sexual
He failed to domesticate the venomous
Snake bellow his pants.
How many times has he defiled her marital bed?
How many times has he laid those
Monstrous hands on her without cause!

He does not appreciate her,
In her he sees a sex toy.
A rag he uses to wipe his testicles.
He only goes to her to quench his lust,
And when he is done
He jumps off her as if she was some
Disgusting thing.

He drinks silly and shits in his pants,
But still expects his wife to do the laundry.
He barks at her,
You might think she is married to thunder.
The poor woman does the gardening,
The cleaning and the cooking.
She hunts for herbs to cure her ailing child,
She climbs and mends the leaking roof
While the testicles violently snore.
They think of nothing but to open her thighs
And make babies they won’t look after.
The testicles of a foolish man
Are heavier than his brain.
They tell him that he owns her,
That he paid for her.
He now thinks she is his property,
Just because he paid a few cowries,
Some goats and pots of wine
To her drunken father.

What are brainless man!
He uses his testicles to think,
They are bigger than his brain!
He thinks he has a right over her
Just because nature gave him
Two useless testicles.

Poem by Bernard Gabriel Okurut.
Personal Blog:

The above poem takes the form of a traditional African song. The purpose of most African folk songs is to mock, ridicule and correct the flaws of man. The language used is strong in order to make the reader or the listener to distance him or herself from the subject being attacked.
About the Author
Bernard Gabriel Okurut is a poet, singer, songwriter and freelance journalist. Author of “The Noisy Silence” and “The curse of a poet” all poetry anthologies published on .He is a Ugandan student of English language and literature at kyambogo university, Kampala Uganda. An enthusiast of creative writing. Bernard Gabriel Okurut has his works published all over the globe in different magazines and websites.


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21 replies on “The testicles of a foolish man”

I like the satirical bit of the poem.
If only such men learn to respect and adore their wives, the world would be a better place.

The title caught my eye and made me chuckle, but the essence of it was filled with truths that many women experience. It’s harsh and raw and needs exposure. Thank you for sharing.

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