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Did I even like blue?

As the sky turned purple,
the moment day meets night,
I waited for you, my dear,
under the broken streetlight,
my mind drifted with the wind,
to the day I first saw you,
In the fine three-piece suit
made your eyes a deeper blue
and your wife on your arm,
not a hair out of place,
she enthralled the whole room,
with a queen’s regal grace,
You never wanted perfect,
said you only wanted real,
appearances can deceive,
our marriage is far from ideal,
maybe it was the sultry accent
or those striking blue eyes,
my compass pointed north,
rendered nebulous by lies.
wrapped in false promises,
much to my mother’s dismay,
hated myself for saying yes,
When you said ‘let’s runaway’
that’s why they call it falling
I fell far from all that’s right,
as I stood in a white dress
a beacon that black night
I knew you weren’t mine,
knew I was being a fool,
In a world of desolate gray
I was drawn to midnight blue

Written by Shruti Iyer, a med student from India with a penchant for writing
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My instagram – shrutii_1005


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