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Happy Birth Day Mom

I know you are going to say
“It is your day, not mine.”
Please keep on reading anyway
and this will turn out fine.

The day of my debut on earth,
as I was being born,
you were the person giving birth
on that September morn.

Those two events cannot be split,
no matter what we do.
I think we should celebrate it,
not only me but you.

Now here is my exact intent;
that a child and mother
ought to celebrate an event
which binds them together.

So here is a happy birth day;
your day as well as mine.
Now do you see? Did I not say
this would turn out just fine?

My name is Michael Williams, and my WordPress ID is BoardFlak. I have been a quadriplegic since June 2015, and I write using voice recognition software. My new blog is where I post under three categories: poetry, prose, and challenges.


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7 replies on “Happy Birth Day Mom”

What a lovely thought, expressed even more beautifully in a poem. Loved it.

Many Happy Returns of the day to you. May you have a wonderful day and an equally wonderful year. 😊👏👏👏

Lovely … this must have left your mom in tears and she must be proud to have you as her child …. I wish her a very happy birthday… and that she has given birth to a gem ❤️

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