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The Sun Goes Down

The sun goes down and up every morning every season is different the west is were the sun goes down.
Spring is for the lover as soon as it goes up the beautiful flowers start blossoming and the sun goes up, but we know it will go down. As the people anticipate going swimming and wearing shorts and vest after a long cold winter spring brings a breath of fresh air as we prepare for Summer but the sun will go down.

The Summer days are longer and the beautiful ladies show of their hidden looks even if the night is shorter we have to all know the sun will go down. Summer brings joy to the world and In South Africa Hot Christmas Holidays and brace ourselves for a new year summer is my Favorite as a black African queen the light turns my skin, but it goes down.

In winter the sun will break the morning frost in Spring and summer it is due and then autom is the odd season out, but we know the sun will go down.
Winter is cold and dark icy in snowy areas sometime we never see it’s glow, but when it’s night we know it has gone down.

Summer, Autom, winter, Spring all four seasons aligned like the gentleman in the 4 cousins bottle, but regardless of the weather the feelings and the days we all enjoy in every season the Sun will go down.

The odd season is autom windy and dry gives strength to mother nature to take her place, but we know the Sun will go down.

As a true African woman indoni yamanzi (beautiful princess) summer gives me light and courage to face the strong winds that signals that we need refuge as the winter weathers challenges and tests our ability to survive, Spring is my place because our kingdoms blossom and are filled with love. Summer My home, my hiding place, but we all know the sun will go down.

~Thobile Simelane

I am Thobile Simelane, a child of God, a young woman that have learn that is starting with me by being true to my self, starts with knowing who I am and accepting myself as it is, knowing my strength, passion, limitations, and purpose in life after I’ve been through and share my thoughts and experiences to others.
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